Ask Your Last-Minute Tax Questions

Well! Didn’t that sneak up on us? With tax day being moved around so mucy, it’s easy to forget that US tax filing deadline for 2020 taxes is Monday, May 17! So Let’s talk about taxes.

I will, a trained (but not practicing) tax preparer, answer your tax questions, as best as I legally and reasonably can. Patrons get first priority! If you ask ahead of time, I can double-check with other tax professionals for anything I don’t know.

Please drop your questions below! or email if you need/want them to be anonymous

As always, Patron questions get priority. You can DM your question on Patreon if you want to make sure I see it!

Please join us Saturday, May 15th at 5 PM PDT, 8PM EDT and at 12AM GMT, 8AM AWST, 10AM AEST to discuss.

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FUCK thank you for this reminder. I need to do my taxes this weekend.


Me too and this is perfect motivation to do mine before the stream!

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I missed this and I know it must have been covered: do we need to report stimulus payments on our taxes?

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The income is not taxable at the federal level however most states are still taxing your income from stimlus checks - but all tax software will have you enter your payments received so they can figure out if you’re owed more using this form:

Thanks! TT isn’t asking me yet, so I’ll have to poke around.

I ran my taxes through several online programs, including TT. I think they covered it at the very end. Whereas TaxAct asked about it in the beginning.

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TaxAct is crashing repeatedly right at my “file” step… yippee

That wasn’t a question

(I did start a free file but it was taking me 1 million years because I don’t have most of my physical forms so I’m paying, but I know which site to use next time!)