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I don’t have a journal ATM so forgive me starting a bajillion threads but I wanted a general place to share articles I’m interested in! Here’s the latest:

Making it in America cannot just mean you have options and resources that weren’t available to your elders. It must also mean you recognize the responsibility to today’s strivers, in things large and small. […] People bring true dignity to work, not the other way around.


We are happy with what we have and we don’t need more, but we hold on to our security. I realize it is not guilt I feel anymore, it’s responsibility; the ability to respond.


This is the terrible dichotomy of parenting: it exhausts while you are in it; you have the energy for it when it is over.


But when CJI began holding listening sessions with drivers who had been responsible for a serious injury or death, they found that many were in fact distraught about what they had done. Deprived by the system of any chance to atone, some were living with PTSD or had contemplated suicide. “What they said repeatedly was, ‘All I wanted to do was try to make am-ends. I was longing to do something or say something to this person whom I knew I had deeply impacted,’” said Packer. The staff was struck by how profoundly the reality often differed from the impressions formed by victims’ families. They became increasingly convinced that restorative justice practices could better serve the needs of all involved, creating a confidential space where drivers could express remorse without legal consequences, and where victims could receive the apologies they were looking for.