Anyone heard of Arcadia for clean energy?

Interested in this company primarily because of climate change but it also has to promise of some money back:

Im trying to ascertain whether this is:

  • not gonna be more expensive for me
  • going to actually help fund local solar

Supposedly it links local solar projects with consumers and manages the payment to utility companies. Has anyone heard of this kind of a company? Or had experience with it?


I used it in my last apartment.

  • If you only do the 50% replacement option it is the same price. 100% replacement was maybe $10 more a month on 500-600 kWh
  • I didn’t do in depth research on the solar farms, but they were supposedly only 4-5 towns over so I could have. I also did a lot of research before I signed up to make sure it wasn’t a scam and it’s not (as far as I could tell at least, and I thing/hope I’m reasonably savvy)
  • Cancelling it is kind of a pain if you live in the same place and just want it to stop. I think there’s a few months of a wait, although since I cancelled it when we moved and my power bill was non-existent they let me cancel it fine.

I’m happy to answer any other questions although it’s been a year and a half, so I might not remember all the details!


So helpful! Thank you. Why didn’t you sign up again? Was it service related?

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My current power company has good clean energy initiatives on their own plus laziness basically. Maybe I’ll look it up again now that you’ve inspired me!


Omg so I live in a place where our power is already mostly renewable but I signed up for Acadia because I was enticed to via swagbucks. Hasn’t been an issue and I haven’t had to pay more?


If you come back to Maryland you can sign up for Neighborhood Sun :smile:

We really do get a discount–it’s super obvious, the BGE bill has a line that shows how much the bill is decreased by the Neighborhood Sun credits, and then Neighborhood Sun bills us for an amount that is less than that.

This is a direct connection to a local solar farm, though, so it sounds pretty different from Arcadia.

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