Anybody need house/pet/plant sitters July-September?

So, my new house has not even started renovations, but my lease runs out on June 30th and I can’t/don’t want to extend it (too much house and too expensive for me). DD and I need places to stay over the summer. Does anybody need a house/pet/plant sitter for some parts of the summer? Preference for places that are within reasonable driving distance of Seattle, but depending on flight costs and my reno schedule I might be open to a few trips further away.

Re: pet duties, I am comfortable with cats, though don’t have experience with fancy medication schedules. Haven’t had much experience with dogs but should be able to handle ones that are reasonably well-behaved and leash trained.

My house will be nice once it is fixed and I would be interested in future house swaps if anybody has an interest in visiting Seattle over the coming years.


If Wizard and I do a July baby moon (possible but not guaranteed), our place would have a kitty in need of love and care, and plenty of space!

Unfortunately Pepper would not be able to stay - Kitty does not approve of other kitties - but DD would be welcome. We’re walking distance to our local nice neighborhood center, plus we have an extra parking space at the house.

We’ll have a week at the end of august in portland with two cute kittens that need care, and possibly have a rooftop hot tub by then for chilling! I’ll DM you

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I’m going out of town mid July. Have a 1 bed apartment in the San Francisco bay area with full bed and a couch that some find comfy and some do not. Also have an air mattress. This might be smaller than the two of you would like. I also have a cat who does not like other cats. If, after all that, it sounds good to you, please DM.

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Ooh – these all sound promising! I am not planning on trying to bring Pepper – I am pretty sure my sister is up for hosting her, so that she doesn’t have to move around a bunch/get stressed out before the final move into the house once it is finished.

On possible snag is that I am worried about being gone during critical phases of the work on the house, and I don’t yet have even a projected schedule :frowning: But hopefully they will get back to me soon.