Anybody interested in some walk and talk dates?

So I just had a GREAT catchup call with an old colleague/friend and it occurred to me that while it is hard at the moment for most of us to get together in person maybe there are other folks who might be interested in doing “walk and talk” dates with forum friends.

If others are interested I’m up for discussion of how it would work logistically. My initial thought – partly because the winter weather is so unpredictable around here – is that I’ll post a “anybody interested?” message a day or two before or even the day of, propose a time that works for me, and then we can confirm a time and exchange numbers via PM.

Also, if there are folks who would like to chat but don’t have the spoons for something scheduled, you can PM me your number and from time to time I’ll ping you a text message to see if you are up to a talk that day. Cant promise to be a regular or reliable source of support for anybody until I get a feel for how this kind of interaction works in my daily life, but I know a lot of us are struggling for connection and support and this is something I would like to offer in a way that also helps me get out and moving.

Anyway, consider this a VERY experimental thing – let’s see how and where it goes!


Ohhh, this sounds interesting. I am also slightly worried I will end up dumping on whoever I talk to and crying on the phone because that’s just how it is with me these days.


Dude, you can dump on me! As long as you keep walking :wink:

PS: Just to clarify, I am totally happy to walk myself while talking with people who don’t have the spoons for it and need to stay snuggled up in bed or on the couch under some cats. But I have a feeling @Greyweld could use some encouragement to meet their daily movement goals, so framed my response in that way.


I’m interested! Weekdays lunch time Eastern (11-1 window) is generally easiest for me, no idea if that’ll work for anyone else though.

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This sounds fun! I’m interested.

Also, I am perfectly open to this being a multi-party chat, but if we’re gonna do that then somebody else needs to set up the call because I am a luddite and that would stress me out. At least the first few times. If I see how it works and get the hang of it I might be able to take on the hosting after a few times.

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Yes, yes, yes. This is how I do many of my walks already. :slight_smile:

I still want to do some in-person ones with you but those take a bit more planning!

If you ever need to walk and rant after a bad meeting or something and it isn’t pouring rain, pop me a text message. If I’m free I’ll probably be up for it. I have loops in my neighborhood of 20-90 minutes so can do short or long rants!

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Can I be on the notification chain even though I’m rarely free?

I’ll probably post in this thread when I want to set things up – I’ll try to remember to tag you or anybody else who is interested.

At some point these may turn into more set “dates” between particular people at particular times. Or not. But now we have a thread to look for when we want or need to walk and talk.

Oh, and I’m not sure how far in advance I will give a heads up. It might be a post first thing in the morning (my time, PST) like “hey, I want to take a walk today. After 10am PST is good for me – anybody want to chat?”

TL/DR: I want more human interaction but don’t want to be a project manager so if you are into winging it and being flexible and not getting butt hurt if I suddenly ghost this thread because it became too much for my introverted self then join me in this strange experiment in Covid-era connection.


I’m interested! I need to walk. I would like some multiperson chats because I don’t know if I always have the brain to carry a conversation.

This would likely be aided best with an app we share. Downloading discord would be easiest.

But I also am not in a mindset and need zero commitments hahaha so I dunno


OK I’ll have to see if I can figure that out and not blow through my data. I now have 4gb/month but Mint mobile doesn’t seem to have an easy way of seeing what is eating it up so I am trying to be cautious.


Sounds like fun.

Can I sign up after we’ve moved to somewhere where the air doesn’t hurt my face?


I am in! But I don’t know how discord works so if we choose that avenue then I will need some help.

Walk and talks and talking and driving are my favorite times to catch up with peeps.

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Definitely! I would love to go along as you explore your fabulous new town…