AI Artwork is a trip

Using the following web site:

I typed in the prompt: “cat, coins, piggybank, painting” and it painted the following for me in 40 seconds:


Have you been reading any of the discourse in AI art? It’s really interesting to see where this is, ethically. For example, the artists whose art was fed into the algorithm are not getting credit. :pensive:


I saw a little bit about it and it seems super sketchy- like I have a cousin who works in voice recognition and he was saying that a huge problem is getting data sets that they can legally and ethically work with. So not copyrighted/ can’t use most media; and looking for things that are representative. So what kind of use license did they have to feed the art to the AI

NONE because they didn’t care and hella sketch.

Apparently my only word for this is sketchy.

But also I wanna play with the toyyyyy


Right? It’s legit neat! And also sketchy as shit. No copyright was respected at all. Not even a “well gosh it’s hard” nod to it’s need, let alone financial renumeration for living artists. Because many of the artists who have been stolen from are contemporary.



Eta: for those who don’t know, Disney is FANATICAL about protecting it’s intellectual property and copyright and has the lawyers on staff to crush the little man. This works out poorly for artists frequently.


Bwahahhaha this made me cackle, best thing I’ve seen about the situation.

ETA: also made Ponder laugh.


I prompted Stable Diffusion to make snoopdog as abraham lincoln. Result came out in color, and I removed the color in photo editor.

Trippy. Yeah I am concerned about what AI means for all creative fields including art, musical composers, novelists, poets etc…