ADHD budgeting resources?

Does anyone know of resources/apps/budgeting tools that work well for people with ADD/ADHD?

I’m going to be helping a friend talk through finances including some tough choices they are considering as they have debt piling up. They have ynab but don’t actually use it so I’m wondering if there are other alternatives or tips I can share.


@anomalily touched on this in a couple of her live streams.

22:30 into this one talks about ADHD specifically

12:30 into this one talks about impulse spending

Also this one:

Last but not least budgeting app recs based on OMD community reviews, including if they are good for ADHD

Thanks! Will take a watch this weekend.

I finally had a chance to watch some of these and this one was perfect! Thanks @anomalily for being awesome.

It’s good to know my first instinct of “simply and automate” was on the right track and maybe I can help be part of a weekly routine to chat while they open up bank accounts to make sure they still exist.