A US Election Thread Where We Will Be Nice to One Another (but not to seditionists)

I think if Sanders gets the nomination his choice of VP running mate might have a bigger influence than normal if voters are concerned with his age.

I’m not familiar with the DNC’s process (and quite frankly, the DNC is utter unregulated garbage) for selecting VP, but I agree with you there. I think that a Sanders/Warren ticket could be particularly powerful, but I’m uncertain that will be the outcome.


Thank you for saying this, I have been struggling to put this into words for myself. I am so tired of the electability argument it makes me want to scream.

I just want someone who will change the broken system and help us get back to treating our fellow humans like they’re fellow humans.


This is a great way of describing a lot of what I’ve been feeling between the two of them but haven’t quite managed to put into nice words.

Side note on electability: I have a strong belief in the primaries being a lovely(ish) time where I don’t feel obligated to “vote strategically” and get to embrace voting for who I really want to win, not who I think other people will eventually agree to vote for. In November I’m not going to write Sanders’ name in if it’s not on the ballot, but I agree with his policies most strongly so I’m absolutely voting for him (again) this spring.


This is also what I want/how I feel, but more. We need to also start treating our fellow humans like fellow humans.

Just mailed my primary ballot doing the same.


Amen +10000000000


Yes, exactly. I’m not sure how it’s gotten so lost

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When I say I want us to start treating other humans like humans, I’m looking specifically at:

  • Black and brown folks in prison while white folks are making a profit off the industry they pioneered (cannabis)
  • Black people disproportionately killed at the hands of police in this nation
  • Non-white folks disproportionately suffering when it comes to housing, education, and healthcare
  • Missing and murdered Native women
  • Disproportionate killing of transgender folks, especially black transgender women

These things also drive my political decisions.


For me it’s because of how so much in society seems driven by reducing people to labels, which engenders tribalism or us versus them, with “them” being subhuman.

I was listening to a podcast earlier about how local media needs to be the future but it’s being smothered out right now. Local news is what helps tie us together as a community and local issues shouldn’t be partisan like national level politics have gotten (to pick on an easy target, can you imagine a pro-choice Republican presidential candidate these days?) I got a mail in ballot for our upcoming local elections and I will be sending it in.

I’ve tried calling my national-level representatives and at this point it just feels like screaming into the wind. Some polite aide takes my message and … the exact same thing happens that would have happened anyway. All my reps are Rs at this point, one of them has announced that this is his last term and the conversation is which new R will replace him. D’s aren’t even competitive in this area much less a third party. It’s fucking depressing. But with local events I’m trying to pay attention more so if I need to reach out to my local commissioner or whatever I’ll be informed and have more impact.


I agree. That’s why so much of my focus is at the local level.

Your responses do get tallied, btw. Not that it does much for you with your national-level reps.


That helped me keep calling for a while but after this many years of being unsurprised at the results even that has lost its luster.

Oh, I do have have my state-level reps programmed in my phone. And their aides are very helpful when I make my stumbling phone calls. “Hi I’m meerkat and I’m calling about, um, … the one about the [keyword]?” “Oh yes ma’am, the [more rounded out thing with bill title]” “Yes, that one, thank you. I wanted to leave a message saying [blah blah blah].” The national level ones were too but especially on the bigger issues I could tell they were doing their Customer Service Persona because I was the fiftieth call they had taken that day on that topic, the state level aides seemed more genuinely happy to talk to me even if we’re on very different* sides of the issue.

  • I almost said opposing. I wonder if language like that is unhelpful in treating other humans as human. Hm.

Re: the language. I’ve been trying to stop using us/them language and instead state my case as plainly as I can.

So things like “I believe that we DO have an awesome medical system*. I’d love for everyone to benefit from our advances and awesome new technology” I find it helps take the teeth out of some potentially more argumentative conversations.

I feel like getting bogged down in the logistics between one side and the other is partly how we got into this mess, since now even when one side has a truly good idea or something is blatantly corrupt or wrong people don’t want to break rank to support or speak out.

*ETA: system is not the right word here. The system is broken as fuck. We do have some good doctors and providers and things though, which is what I meant


Right there with you, only this year I’m also sending money. Too bad Bloomberg has more than, oh, 20 or 30 states combined.

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I wish there were true where I am. I should note that it’s not partisan per se (unless it’s between Democrats and the left?), but it’s incredibly divisive and it’s really upsetting. My town has some serious issues and it can get really ugly at times.

I’m torn between Warren and Sanders myself. I like what I know of both of their platforms, and need to just sit and read through and think about it again (and this weekend! Polls are Monday and I need to have my ballot ready to drop off when I begin my poll shift!).


I have to vote in the primaries today and I’m very stressed about it.

My biggest problem with Sanders is that he’s anti-nuclear power. I’m willing to be convinced otherwise, but I’m pretty pro-nuclear. The only people on the democratic ballot that explicitly have some pro-nuclear stance as far as I can tell are Biden and Klobuchar, but they aren’t nearly as progressive as I would like on social & financial matters, in which I’m leaning more Sanders or Warren. But that’s one point of benefit versus several for Sanders/Warren.

I’m having anxiety over this. Please sway my views in some way. Preferably within the next hour?


Nuclear is such a mess right now in terms of regulation because of huge costs in getting approved for a plant that make it close to a non-starter, plus the country STILL hasn’t done much to solve nuclear waste because it’s such a public opinion shithole. I don’t know if even a very pro-nuke President was in office that they’d be able to do much to advance policy. I admittedly don’t know how much is stuff that would have to be changed by Congress versus stuff that’s on the DOE side so in theory changeable with executive authority.


Also I’ll bat signal @brute on this.

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Klobuchar has dropped out and is no longer a viable candidate.

Nuclear power is a very small issue (imo). What are the every day issues that will impact you the most?

My list:

  • Healthcare
  • Higher education cost
  • Climate change as a whole
  • Anti-corporation

By small issue, I mean niche issue that can be encompassed by a larger category. Not to downplay importance.