3D printing for fun and (probably not) profit

So I just got a 3D printer and assembled it yesterday!

I am super excited to make stuff with it! I’m going to try to print some parts for BarBot cause there’s a few places in the current design that could use improvement, and I’m not likely to find off-the-shelf parts to solve some of those issues.

I also want to see what other kinds of things I can make, maybe something with one of the OMD cats??

3D modeling is hard and I’m only just starting to learn Shapr3D on iPad, and making anything beyond simple shapes made up of circles and squares is far beyond my abilities right now.

Is anyone else interested in this stuff? Anyone else have a 3D printer and have played with it much yet?


@Greyweld is doing some 3D printing.

My spouse does 3D printings (work and fun) - but is not on any of these forums


We had one*, but never really got around to playing with it, so we gave it to my dad. He’s having a ball with it. I expect I’ll be able to report fully on what he’s done with it after we have our zoom present opening event.
*Given to us.

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I made a model! https://p3d.in/DpLe2

Here’s the top

Here’s the bottom

It’s a lid the size of a mason jar lid. The small bit sticking out is for sticking a flexible tube through. The U-shaped part is a trap, the bottom will be filled with water, then it lets air in from the outside. That way when liquid is pumped through the tube out of the jar, air will be pulled in through the U trap but it will remain airtight when it’s not in use.

Now the question is how much of a seal this will actually make once I print it!


I made dis

It lost an ear. Just a first pass - I wanna improve the model and print it larger & in higher quality


omg cute! I don’t understand how to make complicated surfaces like that yet!

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This was a week of vacation where I spent most of my time screwing with 3d modeling and trying to think of something common that resembled the shapes I was making so I could do tutorials.

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It has been brought to my attention that bag clips are a thing you can 3D print, and I have decided that now I need bag clips shaped like a cat.



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I’m actually learning the 3D modeling software now and am printing a bracket to hold some stuff onto my desk!


My ideal self makes all kinds of utility things that will make my life & organization easier.

My real self makes dumb cutesy shit.

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Where do y’all get your filament? I’m looking for a source that carries various matte colors across the human-skin-colors spectrum and works fine with Prusa.

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So far I’ve only ordered Prusa filament from Prusa direct. I’m scared to try other brands cause it needs calibrating and stuff!

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