22 in 2022 Challenge: Save 22% of your income in 2022

Income low, not as low as January, but still have another month before I start working a job again.

Income January Feb YTD
Day Job $0 $0 $0
Net income from OMD $507.50 $1,980.38 $2,393.89
Bank Interest and Misc $.66 $.27 $0.93
SEP- IRA Savings $400 $100 $500
Percentage Saved 78.72% 5.05% 20.88%


Pre tax income $7249 (I got both tax refunds totaling $4159)
Total saved $4625

Income $12,193
Saved $5625

I am still hoping for some commission checks this year. March was better than Jan or Feb for sales, so fingers crossed it is picking up.

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I accept the challenge to save $20,220 in 2022. I have $6,060 saved so far. It’s gonna be tight! My investment policy / plan I recently made said my savings goal would be $21,000 per year, so yeah this is gonna be a real challenge for myself! I save over half my Social Security disability check each month.


This is amazing! You’re doing fantastic for it only being april and having $6,060 saved!

Thank you so much. It helps with my guy living with me here. As he pays half of the utils, groceries and shelter expenses. We have a very modest home in a cheap state. Almost have it paid off, $40k more.

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Pre tax income $2472
Total saved $500


April was a really excellent sales month. YAY! I am still hoping for a nice commission check so I can join the save $20,220 thread, but I won’t know that for a few months yet. I let my commission sit in my “work bank” until I know I won’t need to rely on that money to cover my base pay during slow months when I don’t sell enough to cover it. It is usually July before I know what the year is really going to do and I feel comfortable taking anything extra out.


I’m going to join very late in the game! Going to make it an extra challenge and go for post tax income since I do all my budgeting that way. Will have to look back at Jan through April to figure out where I am so far.


Ok, I ran the numbers and here’s what I have. Again, income is post tax cause that’s just how I budget. My paychecks seem to be set up pretty ideally in terms of withholding for both jobs.

Income $3055.80
Savings $2120
Percent 69.38%
(January and December tend to be high earning months. I got a big pet sitting check and came into the month riding high from December income I hadn’t distributed yet).

Income $2186.82
Savings $570
Percent 26.07

Income $2711.45
Savings $930
Percent 34.3%

Income $2846.57
Savings $803.78
Percent 28.24%

Jan through April the huge portion of my “savings” was paying off a personal loan. I think only $50 went to my Roth IRA and a few hundred went into sinking funds. Personal loan is paid now so going forward savings will be mainly toward retirement and my baby down payment fund.


I haven’t done a month by month count, but I notice Quicken says we’ve set aside $4000 in our car & house savings account since the beginning of the year. Plus I added $3000 in GICs in my TFSA from my personal accounts. But that was mostly an inheritance. That’s for January to April. So that’s $7000. That’s almost 22% of of our annual net income there. We earn a very low income.


Pre tax income $2472
Total saved $500


Another excellent sales month, and I think June will be also so that is great. I am still holding it all in my work “bank” but I should get nice commission pay this year if the market for new kitchens doesn’t dry up in the next few months.

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hello it looks like this year’s income will be about $12,500, not counting scholarships, so 22% will be $3800!

(I have to be really careful this fall semester because I can’t make over $16000 so I can keep Medicaid).

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD Total
OMD Net $355.51 $1,755.49 $568.29 $476.93 $583.18 $455.46 $4,194.86
Interest + Misc $0.66 $0.27 $87.00 $0.12 $0.11 $15.55 $103.71
Stimulus/Tax $0.00
Total $356.17 $1,755.76 $655.29 $477.05 $583.29 $471.01 $4,298.57
OMD SEP-IRA $400.00 $100.00 $300.00 $800.00
Percentage Saved 78.72% 5.05% 0% 0% 63.39% 18.61%

Nearly halfway through the year and still don’t have a day job income and therefore am not saving nearly as much, but The!Job!Is!Finally! starting.

But pretty rad that even though I have earned less than $5,000 in the past 6 months and I’ve still been able to pay for my living expenses and put money in my SEP-IRA. This is largely because of all the savings I did in 2020 and 2021 thanks to these challenges. So, very grateful for that.

Can’t wait to get more money in the door so I can save more though!


Nice challenge. I guess it would be tricky if we every year enhance the stake. Btw, I wonder why did you choose that high percentage. I’m asking because, as I know, whiz folks in finances recommend 10% from salary.

10% is considered pretty low for retirement savings - usual benchmark is 15%. But 22% won’t make sense for everyone at every stage.

If 22% doesn’t work for you (as it is hard for a lot of folks), we have another challenge - 22 in 2022 Challenge: Save $22 Per Week/Month ! remember debt repayment counts as well!

How is the year half over???


Pre tax income $3090
Total saved $625



Pre tax income $20,227
Total saved $7250


I should be getting a nice commission check soonish which will help. Still hoping to switch over to the $20,222 club!



Pre tax income $17,472
Total saved $10,500



Pre tax income $37,749
Total saved $17,750


I am going to switch over to the $20,222 challenge. :grinning:

I got a $15,000 commission check! I also still have enough left in my work “bank” to pay my base salary for the rest of the year, so all sales now will go straight to a commission check at the end of the year. I am hoping for at least another $10,000 but more would certainly be better. It has been a very good sales year, comparing July 21 sales to July 22 sales, I am about 10% over. Last year was my highest sales to date, so there is a chance this year will end up as the highest but I am not counting on it…