22 in 2022 Challenge: Save $20,220

Okay, as stated more payments for the kitchen therefore not that much savings in May …
Total is 8.901,37 Euro, 11.318,63 Euro to go, looks still being on track … :upside_down_face:


Just added $500 to Vanguard and $500 to Ally. Ally account is my 6 month emergency savings, and it’s almost back up to pre-wedding amount. At that point I will pivot to 100% Vanguard contributions.

ETA: Forgot I added $300 to Vanguard at the very end of May, too.


This wasn’t new money in per se, but we did throw $1000 into Latte’s 529. We don’t have a contribution schedule for it, so we just let the markets being down be the motivation to throw some in. :woman_shrugging:


Update as of 10.06.2022
Total: $27838.62

Goal met! :money_mouth_face: do I get a badge?

Shares: $7450
Extra mortgage: $16303.64
Extra Super: $7500


Granted badges for @nnls and @Candygirl

Fill in the form and get your stickers!!! I’ll ship them out sometime next week.


I want a badge! E we hit it early because of IRAs at tax time.


June: $1,000 on 6/13

Jumped the gun a bit and forgot about my monthly holiday, deposit day! That was yesterday, and after paying down the credit cards, I’m good for $1,000 more somehow. Excellent! Gonna put it in Ally.


July–being a little more aggressive this month! $1,700 sent to savings today.


No updates. I don’t get paid in June and July and Husband unexpectedly did not get paid in June (teaching half term so we’re* guessing he’ll get the full amount at the end of July even though it started middle of the second-to-last week of June).

*By we I mean me; he doesn’t pay attention and likely has no clue he hasn’t been paid.


Direct action savings, year to date, $19,070? Somehow we saved a ton June and July (June esp) and I’m very confused but okay with it, lol.

ETA oh yeah, June we got a ton of super delayed business cost reimbursements. So it was artificially lower savings the months before that. That makes more sense.


Cross posted from the 22% challenge. I am going to join this one now. YAY!


Pre tax income $37,749
Total saved $17,750


I got a $15,000 commission check! I also still have enough left in my work “bank” to pay my base salary for the rest of the year, so all sales now will go straight to a commission check at the end of the year. I am hoping for at least another $10,000 but more would certainly be better. It has been a very good sales year, comparing July 21 sales to July 22 sales, I am about 10% over. Last year was my highest sales to date, so there is a chance this year will end up as the highest. I am not counting on it, but also I kind of am, because how great would that be? I just need a few more people to want a new kitchen!


April: $5,000
May: $7,300
June: $1,000
July: $1,700
2022 Total: $15,000

August: surprise early bonus disbursement took me over the edge! Deposited $10,000!



Finally able to watch the livestream again and it’s inspiring me to update my challenges. I’m actually doing way better than I thought I was!
Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 11.46.15 AM

DC is deferred comp
Roth is my non-work retirement savings
Retire is my work-managed account

Over 3/4 there!! :partying_face: :dollar:


Hey, look, no pay at the end of July, either! Somebody screwed up.


Not saving more because I am still building stock in my art business.

End July
Set aside this month: $780
Paid off principal this month: $1230
Total YTD saved: $19,100

Not far off!


Oh, wait. Nobody screwed up; it’s just his entire paycheck went into the 457b.

So, an update for July:

  • April and May contributions from my pay to the things listed above: $2808.75 a month for a total of $5617.5
  • His total contributions for the year through July (I got a paystub!)
    ** Roth 457b: $4652.85 (85% of his gross pay)
    ** Horrible mandatory state part-timer plan that makes him susceptible to windfall elimination on his social security and has a 0% interest rate paid: $412.52

So that’s $8426.25 + $14,000 + $5617.50 + $4652.85 + $412.52

TOTAL: $33,109.12 of gross pay of ($5,500 + $34,479.5 =) $39,979.5

Obviously, the $14K into IRAs at tax time came out of savings from last year almost entirely; we’ve spent in the neighborhood of $16K this year, and the savings numbers only allow for 6.8K of that from this year’s income.



Pre tax income $2472
Total saved $500


In my mind I kept remembering that challenge as $22k in 2022 so I thought I was almost there, but I just realized I actually surpassed the goal this month! @anomalily

August 2022 Total
529 Accounts $400.00 $3,200.00
Direct TSP Contributions $1,047.92 $9,402.92
Roth IRA $0.00 $1,000.00
Vanguard Taxable $0.00 $334.00
Mortgage Principle $908.00 $7,192.62
Monthly Total $2,355.92 $21,129.54

On track! :fireworks:
I’ve increased my savings rates in my personal roth and general savings for September, so I think I’ll meet the goal before the end of the year :moneybag: :spiral_calendar:
Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 10.29.46 AM


Omg I did it!! I was gifted a $1,000 inheritance/future wedding gift from my grandma and put that right into savings and once I tracked all my different retirement accounts at the start of this new month, I was more than there!

Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 8.03.31 PM