21 in 2021 Challenge: Save 21% of your income in 2021


Pre tax income $3000
Total saved $725


Savings will start going down next month because I have been saving the amount that would be a car payment for a few years. Now that I have the car, they will probably want me to pay for it! lol That amount now will go into payments rather than savings. I will still hit my goals though, plus I will have a new car!


WTF, how is it May?

Some extra expenses this month without corresponding extra income, but that’s all accounted for with the sinking fund, which isn’t part of the savings numbers. But there was enough margin in the budget (and probably some residual stimulus) to accumulate beyond what I like to keep in checking that was sent to savings. So a better month than expected.


Salary: $4,515
Match: $113
Total Income: $4,628

Reserve: $1,500
403b: $339
Total Savings: $1,839

April Savings: 40%
2021 Savings: 27%
2021 Total: $7,356

Next month daycare FSA chunk, but also I really need new shoes.


Did April even happen? I think I missed it

Cash Savings: $1155
401K: $306
Extra Car Payment: $125
Total: $1586
Day Job : $2749
Total: $2749

April Savings Rate: 57%

YTD Income: $19,842
YTD Savings: $9317
YTD Savings Rate: 46%



Pre tax income $2400
Total saved $500



Pre tax income $15,000
Total saved $9,000

60% I got a big commission check this month.


Pre tax income $33,955
Total saved $18,577

54.8% I’m super pleased with this. I don’t make enough in normal weekly pay to save a whole lot, but I tend to save the majority of commission checks and tax refunds.


I’m not sure how it is August already, but here are July numbers.

Pre tax income $3000
Total saved $625



Y’all, here’s the ABSOLUTELY chaotic sticker that I just sent to print that you received for this challenge


There’s some big Scrooge McDuck energy here and I am so here for it.

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One kitty has so much money that it only feels ennui, and one has so much that it’s vibrating with energy/fury!


Stickers are here and I’ll be doing shipping out of some this weekend! If you’ve already hit the challenge and want your sticker, please submit this form:


@anomalily so I did this and I’m filling out the form. My salary is $35,000 and year to date I’ve made $9,307 in student loan payments. Also some 401k contributions were made.


Badge granted!!!

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I am moving over to the 21k challenge because I am at 51% of income saved for the year so far with $19,702.


So haven’t been tracking this all year so let’s see how I’m doing…

Year to date pretax income
Old job $33,673.25
Tiny side job $1,239.53
New job $11,446.13
Total $46,358.91 + negligible savings account interest that I’m too lazy to look up right now

Year to date savings
Credit card debt payments $2,053.05 - completely paid off as of 6/21 - completely debt free except for student loans and we will not speak of those
Easily accessible emergency fund $1500
Less accessible emergency fund $5924.91
Roth IRA $1850
410k $1475.35 not including match
Total $12,803.31

YTD savings rate
27.62% woo!


I never officially joined this challenge, but it is literally impossible for me to fail at saving 21% at this point unless I literally worked more than 40 hours a week by quite a significant amount (not going to happen) and didn’t save any of it at all. And it’s quite unlikely (though not 100% impossible?) that I reach 21k by the end of the year at this point just via cash flow.


HSA: $2,904
IRA: $6,000
mortgage principal: $3,330
Roth 401(k): $2,151
CapitalOne360: $500

Total: $14,885

Currently savings are at 28% of gross income to date, 27% of my originally estimated income for this year ($55k). I will probably end the year somewhere between $55-60k.

ETA: I think it might be worth it to add as well, when I started working again I didn’t actually intend (initially) to save anything. Like, at all. I intended to make enough to pay the bills. (Also, I didn’t start until a few weeks into January, and the first few weeks were a bit slow, work-wise.) But when I started making more than that my goal quickly flew out that window and my anxiety brain kicked in and said I must save all the money. There’s… probably a happy middle ground somewhere. She says, as she plots how to shove money into her after-tax investment account.


Omg omg omg y’all! With what I’ve saved this month so far, not even including this month’s 401k or IRA contributions, I’ve saved $21,463.60 this year not including company 410k match.

Ahhhhhhhhh! This is mind blowing. I just keep expecting that I will have no money left to save each month. Even though I know I don’t really buy very many things except snacks and the occasional video game, book, or skin care thing, I just expect it to all be gone.

Ack wrong thread! Sorry everybody


I forgot to post here at the end of Nov:


HSA: $3,226
IRA: $6,000
mortgage principal: $4,002
Roth 401(k): $2,592
CapitalOne360: $550

Total: $16,371

Savings as of Nov 30 were at 29% of gross income to that date. I’ll have to wait until the first week in January to see the actual total for 2021.

(I am thinking about this now as I am trying to calculate available space/flexibility for next year and it is stressing me out.)


:rotating_light:Reminder! Please fill in this form and you will have your glorious sticker mailed if you haven’t already.

If you’re up for participating for 2022, here it is: 22 in 2022 Challenge: Save 22% of your income in 2022

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Well, I stopped putting the monthly numbers here sometime around, IDK August or so (?), but just did the end of year numbers and I made it on both easy mode and hard mode!

2021 Income Total: $71,359 (hard mode number, including refund from 2020 taxes)
2021 Savings Total: $18,749
2021 Savings Percent: 26%

On to the 22% challenge! Could be just feasible with the 2021 tax refund, but will see.


YTD for December:

HSA: $3,548 (+$161 +$161)
IRA: $6,000 (+$0, done for the year)
mortgage principal: $4,376 (+$374 +$300)
Roth 401(k): $3,096 (+$237 +$267)
401(k): $460 (+$460) ← employer match (done quarterly)
CapitalOne360: $600 (+$50)

Total: $18,080 (+$1,709)

Savings on Dec 31 were 27% of gross, so, success!