2024 Bingo - A Choose-Your-Own-Goals Challenge

2024 BINGO Will run through all of 2024

The theme of BINGO is to fill out a bingo card filled with goals you write yourself.

When a row, column, or diagonal is completed, “shout” (type expressively) BINGO.

Making Your Card

Keep in mind a standard bingo card:

Which typically has 25 spaces, with one of those being a free space.

Create a BINGO card with up to 24 goals. 24 in 2024! Perfect!

This card can be digital or physical.


There are tools online where you can fill in a bingo card and have it randomize for you. I’ve been looking at this one, which allows you to randomize just column-by-column if you want. So you can have a column be a category of goals.



  • One card per person.
  • Goals on the board must be completed after January 1st 2024 and before January 1st 2025.
  • You can join/complete your cards at any time.
  • If something happens outside your control that makes it impossible/bad to complete a goal, change it. No restrictions, no hard feelings. Just don’t run a marathon with a broken foot because of this challenge, okay?
  • Please do not critique the goals of others and offer advice only if solicited.

Goal-Making Guidelines

  • Goals don’t all have to be huge. Be kind to yourself. Have fun. Put “pick my nose” and “pet the cat” in there with “get a new job” and “buy a house” if you want.
  • Consider that some goals like “don’t do x all year” or “do x every week for the whole year” can’t be officially finished until the end of the year. These aren’t prohibited, just keep in mind it could make getting BINGO before Dec. 31st harder.

I’m in! Still contemplating all my goals though.


Same. I’m trying to figure out if I can commit to more than “keep everyone alive” lol.


Ok I think I have my first pass


I’m in!! Thanks for this. I remember it really works :slight_smile:

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Here’s mine. Plz forgive scratchy writing.

Decided I am going to use the bingo to do a more fun monthly to-do list. Which am hoping will help me focus on my goals all year (Am not fabola at year-long things).


All right, setting up for 2024. Suspect the biggest issue (aside from remembering to update this in general) will be tracking the repeating tasks, but we’ll see how it goes.

Two items besides FREE are done since they’re kind of my starting tasks for the year :smiley:



OK this is my first pass. The colors are sort of categories… green=I have to do something multiple times, blue=I have to reach out to someone else, etc. We’ll see how we do.


Finally posting my bingo.


Here’s my goals for the year!! The categories are as follows:

B: Health
I: Social
N: Books
G: Financial
O: Random

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I came up with my 25 items. * items = something that was on my list last year as well.
[ ✓ ]
[ ✓ ] 1.Free
2.Move bed downstairs*
3.Move couch upstairs*
4.Decide on garage or storage shed
[ ✓ ] 5.List/measure windows which need to be replaced.
6.Replace at least 3 of the windows
7.Get the house painted
8.Stain, caulk, varnish downstairs floor*
9.Save 2400
10.Pay 75% or more of my SS against the mortgage
11.Baseboards/paint clean up finished downstairs*
12.Chair seats*
13.Rug spread out in attic*
14.Last 5 boxes of store stock now in attic out*
15.Grammar/sentence diagramming book work*
16.Learn to can, get a pressure canner
17.Make the “book boxes” you have materials set aside for, or ditch the supplies
18.Get rid of the box stacks in the house
19.Clothing cull
20.Unfinished project: frugality book
21.Unfinished project: chair seats*
22.Unfinished project: kitchen curtains*
23.Unfinished project: sheets*
24.Get rid of the remaining excess fabric
25.Get rid of the remaining excess beads

Move bed down* Frugality book Rug spread in attic* Save $2400 Chair seats*
List/measure windows to replace Book boxes? Or remove supplies Excess fabric cull Excess bead cull 75% SS against mortgage
Chair seats* Clothing cull FREE Learn to can/pressure canner Move couch upstairs*
Box stacks out of main living areas: Replace at least 3 windows Kitchen curtains* Stain, caulk, varnish downstairs floor* Grammar/sentence diagramming book*
Make sheets* Chair seats* Garage or storage shed? Last 5 boxes of store stock Get the house painted or landscaped
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End of month update

Actually surprised how many things I already have done.


Well done!!

In February I made progress on things but didn’t finish anything. But today the fence was finally finished which has been on my bingo card for… 3 years?