2023 BINGO: A choose-your-own-goals challenge

Me too, @NewGig !

On most machines you can disengage the automatic threader. I don’t know how though. I’ve never had a machine with one.

I think breaking your goals into smaller steps is a good idea. I had to break that silly Korean quilt into a lot of steps that spanned last year and this.

Things change as you go through the steps too. I thought I was going to pay someone to machine quilt that quilt. In the end I’m doing it myself. It’s more affordable and I get what I want.


Yeah, on the goals changing thing. I had listed to sell the ‘storage RV’ and instead I’m spending the summer living in it.


Hugs @shadowmoss


Hi I’m still here! I’ve actually done some stuff too, and a couple other things are on track.

I don’t donate blood during the summer, but no biggie getting two more in after September. I’m on track for my savings goal and have finished all the thank you cards for our first wedding celebration. The second one is next weekend so I’ll start working on those cards after that. I’m also on track for DuoLingo!

I changed two goals as well. The big one is that I want to make myself go swim laps at the pool I have access to through work. I open water swim in the lake by our house all the time, but swimming in a pool is scary to me because there’s always been people who make comments when I’m not swimming fast enough or slow enough (I always go to the slowest lane) or doing the stroke the way they think it should be done or wearing the right type of swimsuit. But I don’t want my swimming season to end with summer anymore!

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 11.48.40 AM


I prefer lap swimming, but…

I have a badly pinched nerve in one shoulder joint and a compression fracture in my bottom vertebrae. The combination of injuries, plus being 60+ means that even when I’m in shape I cannot share a lane with people who circle to lap. I can swim beside someone in a lane but not in laps with people swimming in circles.

Also, because of the injuries, I have to vary my speed and strokes. All of that means basically I’m really, really bad at swimming with others. I love to swim and I’m good at it, but I cannot “play well with others” because of the above.

I have tried multiple times. The only people I’ve been able to share a lane with are 2 women who basically flutter up and down, using flotation devices and talk. They’re buddies. I can swim fast or slow next to them, they have no problem with it.

So, what I’ve done: explained to a guard and asked if I can share a lane side by side instead of in a circle? Sometimes, if they have few enough people swimming, the answer is yes. If the pool is completely packed with swimmers – no. I finally asked if I could come in 10 minutes early on the days when they were busiest? And sometimes I could do that.

This is all at the same pool. It’s a small community and they’d gotten to know that I wouldn’t drown, or do stupid sh*t. If I was hurting or otherwise not up to swimming hard, they knew I’d monitor myself.

Unfortunately the school that had the pool folded and there is no more lap swimming.

Re the suit and others telling you how to swim? Their problem is their problem and unless it’s a guard and there’s a safety/health or policy issue, I’d just let it go as their problem… “Thank you for sharing” works.


I put another $110 into my savings. Not sure exactly where that puts me in the save $2300 goal, I’ll have to figure it out at the end of the year. So, that leaves me in the same place with the BINGO I was, sort of.

5 boxes left from the storage… did the plan/plant garden… the cleaning I’ve done today in the living room is step 1 of the table and tub chairs goal,… and the equity loan is done… and the rug is in the attic, but not spread out.


Hadn’t updated for a while, but I got two BINGO’s! Still gonna go for a couple of the more exercise-related goals before the end of the year since my health is improving a lot =)
Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 6.11.44 PM


Oh, also has anyone gotten a BINGO and chosen the fic option? Just want to plan out my writing if someone has chosen that one =)

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Going through BINGO for 2023, and apparently I got two…did a very poor job of actually tracking through the year (and as usual have house stuff remaining), but all in all not too bad:



No BINGO but I had fun and I’ll do it again next year. It is really clarifying to see the goals I had in January and how things change. Also, to be reminded that I do really want some things I had put on the back burner.


I will not have BINGO this year, but I have accomplished, or 1/2 accomplished some of the goals. I decided to eliminate the angels/fairies I intended to make as a production craft – too frustrating!

I have 3 more things to do before I will 1) clear off my counter (a BINGO goal, I think) and move a wire rack, and 3 then be able to get the 2 chairs next to the table under the window (a BINGO goal). We’ll see if I get all of that done before 12/31!


Finally looked at my card again and it looks like I got one bingo!

I find it ironic that I had a goal of learning baby signs only to have a baby that was visually delayed lol.

@kenner is the temari prize still available?


Definitely! If you want to PM any particular colors you’d like I can probably share pics of a couple for you to pick from, otherwise just let me know where to send one.

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Hmm I know i started a 2023 bingo but i have no idea where i saved it… will try hunt it down today…

Didn’t make it. I just finished vacuuming the space in the office. But the rack isn’t in there, yet. Maybe tomorrow? Later today? And then I have to get the 2nd chair out of the kitchen and…

More to do, but definite progress! However, i will NOT be getting BINGO this year, sigh.

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I’m finally posting my progress/success for 2023! If I’m too late for the year, that’s fine, but I totally forgot to post closer to New Years!


Sorry I should have mentioned, I got FOUR BINGOS!!! Pretty good!


Nice! Please check the post near the top if you would like a prize!

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@Greyweld I was hesitant to ask, but are your prize options still available?

Yes!!! Please ask away!

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