2020 BINGO -- A choose-your-own-goals challenge

@LadyDuck @Illathrael Done and done!

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Thank you!

I am apparently trying to self-sabotage already–I left my mini knitting bag with the lace scarf project in it behind after knitting group yesterday! Thankfully it was handed in to lost and found and I can pick it up tonight.

I have also accomplished the very important step of deciding which garment (that is already in my queue and that I have the yarn for) I will knit.


@Greyweld Still working on my bingo card, but add to prize list:

  • 3 of: OMD goodies pack! pocket budget planner + set of stickers, shipped worldwide

Hooray! Done!

Finally finished my bingo sheet! I had one blank for like a week but inspiration finally struck.


Made an edit since I managed to already accomplish one (very small) goal from my list.

Finish lace scarf Finish glass display Hike 4 times Finish editing book 7 Sew a garment
Mend 3 things from mending pile Finish writing book 14 Organize clothes Make seitan Sew patches on winter coat
Make pizza 4 times Sort & store giveaway baby clothing FREE SPACE Make bread 6 times Get yarn organized and put away
Make bagels 4 times 2 days in a row with no added sugar Refill emergency fund Knit a garment Bike ride 4 times
Read 10 books I owned before 2019 See a physical therapist for feet Touch up paint in house Meet Tom Bombadil Create a filing system
Sew chair cover Finish grad school classes Take a dance class Get food and/or drink from (cute cafe) Complete 3 cross-stitching projects
Establish regular cleaning schedule Get painting framed Knit a square Get a credit card Sew a piece of clothing and wear it in public
Play ukulele Go swimming Free Donate blood 3x and platelets 6x Read 4 books from current collection
Run half marathon Spend no money acquiring new clothing in January Get food from (neighborhood Himalayan restaurant) Write in journal everyday for 60 days Establish regular exercise/ movement routine
Get breakfast at (neighborhood breakfast place) Sew quilt out of scrap fabric Complete 60 day German duolingo streak Have a friend over for pankcakes Complete 60 day French duolingo streak

Some of my goals have been edited (like names of restaurants/cafes) for privacy.


2020 is nearly here!

If you have posted a BINGO board already, try to make any needed changes before the end of Dec 31st in your time zone. We’ll leave a bit of leeway for the first few days though.

If you have offered up a prize, please check the prizes link from the first post and PM me with any alterations you need to the description/shipping limitations/etc.

Happy Bingo-ing!


Two changes:

  • Donate to charity will be tweaked to donate $20,000 to charity.
  • Volunteer at food bank will be replaced with implement at least three concrete changes from personal development books

Updated to make more of the goals things that I can directly control :slight_smile:

Create new financial spreadsheet Join a sports club Try 3 new recipes Learn a new skill Emergency bags
Plan birthday party (Re) Learn a foreign language Keep the plants alive Workout abs Learn to throw pottery on the wheel
Shred old papers Renew + new ID FREE Stretch Write something
Sort and donate old baby clothes Take a good family picture Save 20k Send 9 homemade postcards 1 pull-up
Donate to charity Create HBAB file Repair tile Go through administrative hell Find a place for each item (declutter+++)

Updated the bingo card.

Read 52 books
Finish rose window afghan
Max tax advantaged accounts
Go to the gym or stretch daily
Start a worm bin
Get back that feeling where I exult in my body
Put 2k extra towards student loans
Read 15 books I owned before 2020
Make 3 sponges that are new to me
Track all my spending and stay on top of it
Plant a tree
Make good choux
Read 9 books related to local natural history and ecology
Improve my cardio fitness
Celebrate the Gates
Spend 15+ minutes alone in nature each week
20 hours of creative exploration
50% savings rate
Do a waste audit in kitchen and reduce
Make 3 cremes that are new to me
Drive less
Do anything set all with the back yard
Regular meditation
Complete AODA candidate year


I am enjoying those baking goals! :grinning:

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OH CRAP! It’s almost 2020. Okay, okay, okay, I think I’ve picked semi-realistic enough goals. Some are going to be easy, some are going to be hard. Some are very dependent on being healthy, so hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself.

I put Leave No Trace as my free spot because it’s something I really care about and always do. And hopefully @Oro doesn’t mind that she’s included in my card!


Don’t forget, if life changes you get a chance to re-do as much of your board as you haven’t finished during the year!


Here’s my card! I put an easy one in the center, just cause. I put pay off a credit card on there twice because it would be nice to pay off two. Definitely a mix of difficulty levels here, so we’ll see what happens! I can’t think of prizes to contribute right now, but I can probably come up with something. Excited to be playing!


The center is usually a FREE spot - you’ve actually given yourself one “bonus” task! Love the color!

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Updated my board:

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gahhhhhhhh I was going to do a bingo board but i have not made one yet. scrambling, scrambling.