2/21/2019 Do 1 Thing


Not sure if we want a new topic every week for D1T or keep the thread forever, but it’s Thursday, so what’s your Do 1 Thing?

Mine is to get my fiancé to agree to be added to my car insurance. We’ll save a lot of money with this. He was just traveling internationally and hasn’t had the brain space since getting home to actually look at the info and give me the thumbs up, even though I’m sure that’ll be the answer.


I will email an independent insurance brokerage to see if I can get better rates on our auto/homeowners insurance. I also want to add an umbrella policy.


I will finish writing the contract for a speaking gig later this month that will get me paid and mail it off.


I freaking love this.
I will continue the 31 day yoga challenge and complete DAY 2. And I will also not use this D1T for any future D1T. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Because that would be cheating.


Independent insurance agents are amazing. My parents got me started using theirs and I was like… This person will find me cheaper insurance, at no cost to myself, without me having to do any work? What’s the catch? No catch as far as I can tell.


I will send my resume to 2 theaters today. I’ve been putting this off for over a year. Suck it, Imposter Syndrome!


I will lay around in bed with the cat and blow my nose a lot, APPARENTLY.


This has been my week. Except “couch” for bed.


I need to make an appointment for both my husband and I to see about assessing us for genetic cancer risk! (Because, if you’re already doing IVF, may as well see if you need further embryo selection. Slash, find out how likely we are to die super young. REPRODUCTION IS FUN. cough, anyway…) I called last week and left a message and never heard back, so I called again today. Finally got the appointment made. They’re booked out months (ughhhhh), but at least I got it done!


Got all today’s emails sent EXCEPT the resumes. Got some revamping of the cover letter to do first.


Yesterday I drove down to the da** Big City Water Board (in husband’s Grad School City) to pay the bill because they allow exactly 14 days between meter reading and due date (and yes, it does take them a couple days to produce a bill, and yes, then they mail it, and no, there is no online option) - all of this means that if one is sick one weekend, the bill is likely to be late. A private company couldn’t get away with this, but it’s municipal government.


My D1T is to get the plants I bought last week in the ground or in pots so that I didn’t waste money just to have them die on me in the summer heat.


I will figure out how to get a transcript from a university I took a 1-credit class from so that I can turn it into my employer to get reimbursed for it.