1 week post-op from my humeral ORIF

Tooting my own horn: accepting help from others and not being too hard on myself (though frustrating).

Orif, open reduction and internal fixation, where they put your bone back together and attach many screws to the plate, went well.

I also had to have a mass (tumor) removed during the surgery. Lasers were also used to make sure all the offending tissue was removed and then bone cement was spackled into the void.

I was sent home the next day and I’ve been recovering, should receive my biopsy results at my follow-up next week.

My spouse, kids, and friends have been taking care of me.

I’m sorry I didn’t check in earlier, but all I’ve been doing is sleep. It’s a bit frustrating that I’m so weak and low energy. I’m trying to be positive, I had 2 major things done to me in under 3 hours. I never thought that making sure I eat enough protein when I have no appetite would ever be an issue. My nurse suggested kefir and greek yogurt, which have been very helpful.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let people know that I’m ok.

If ever you have serious bone injury/tumor issues and you live in Oregon, Dr. Tedesco in Corvallis is a brilliant doctor.


Sleeping is so the right thing to do in that situation! I hope it keeps on healing.

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Thank you friend! This has been a challenging week and I know I have a long road ahead of me.