What's A Good Brand For

Ugh, yes it’s insane how many $2000 bikes show up on Offer Up for $150 from garage thefts in my area :frowning: Specialized, Trek and Giant road bikes, Surly fat bikes, and Salsa anything are the most commonly targeted.

My regular bike is not a fancy build but is well known to anyone connected to 30 Days of Biking so a would-be thief would need to strip it or it’d get back to me pretty quickly.

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I want to buy some wool dryer balls. I see these from artisans/farms at markets and fairs but they are slightly more expensive. The ones I see on amazon are cheaper but seem poor quality. I’m thinking spending slightly more for a higher quality product that supports a small business is the best bet, but was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations. There are also a lot of people selling these on etsy, so the choices are kind of overwhelming.

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Answering my own question: I think I’m gonna buy these ones because they’re made in my state. https://www.lady-farmer.com/product/alpaca-wool-dryer-balls-set-of-3/