What Have You Done to Reduce Your Housing Cost?

We are riding the senior exemption/reduction gravy train in my household. Once SO turned 62, we qualified for the property tax exemption and our on-paper income (since we are still living mostly off savings) was low enough that we got the highest level reduction. Our property taxes went from around 8k to 2400/year.

I also figured out that we qualified for utility bill reductions – applied for and got that on our electricity and water bills starting in September. It is a 50-60% reduction on usage, IIRC. Should save us another 2-3k/year.


I have always made sure that housing didn’t exceed 25% of take home pay. When I got divorced a year ago and my income was cut in half I sold the house and bought a condo. This reduced all costs by half. It also really hits the easy button for me as I don’t have to worry about maintenance except inside my unit. I refer to my balcony as my backyard :joy:. The dogs and I sit outside and look at the beautiful courtyard. I am not a gardener so not having a yard works for me.


Thanks for this comment. I went looking for reductions/rebates here and found that the state legislature in its infinite wisdom did away with the solar rebate you used to be able to get, starting 2022. I guess people interested in solar are more “liberal” than not and so the conservative lawmakers saw it as a way to make a statement and be more parsimonious.

My internal reaction is to become more determined than ever to get solar. I’m contrary like that.