System of Want vice Need


Time could prove you right about the subcategories. Maybe they are all together the wrong approach. Or maybe they are a stepping stone. My long term goal is to identify the pattern of post-purchase emotions you talk about, and use that data to inform future purchases.

But currently having a single bucket for all wants is creating friction and unease. In the single bucket, the chapstick I want to sooth my cracked and bleeding lips is equally on par with a new book. Mentally moving the chapstick to a different category of want makes me feel free within a framework, instead of constrained by the framework. If that freedom turns out to be false excitement, then I can iterate as necessary.


Buy the chapstick, you ridiculous and adorable monster.


I hear you on this. For this type of differentiation, I like buckets to have time/max caps, in addition to subcategories (things that you eliminate bleeding vs. things you read). Since I’m prone to maximizer style analysis paralysis - finding the best shoes that make my feet not bleed, finding the best chapstick to sooth cracked and bleeding lips - I like the idea of setting caps about how long I’ll spend making a decision (or not).

For example - no more than 1 hour exploring a $10 or less purchase in the category of “how about less bleeding.” You can set hard caps in the categories or you can consider soft caps based on avg. use/life expectancy of purchase. I would lose the chapstick within 5 uses or let it take an unplanned trip through the laundry; meanwhile, my $75 trail shoes get daily wear for a year or 3000 miles of walking before I chuck them.


Do you want me to konmari a lightly used chaps tick and mail it to you?

The cheap chapstick is a necessity. The $25 Sephora one is a luxury good, and the $5 one is only for adults who don’t lose them before they disappear


Buy a two-pack of chapstick so you only have this particular angst half as often. It will cut the cost per tube anyway. But get the damn chapstick.


I bought the chapstick, okay! I bought chapstick and a giant pump-action bottle of lotion. There will be at least 90% less bleeding.


Lotion eliminates periods?
Good to know.