September Budgeting App Games - SUBMIT YOUR REVIEWS by 10/1 🥇

Last year I put together a battle for all the many, many budgeting apps out there! While I’ve tried a ton of them myself, I really want to get perspective from some of the folks in the OMD community try them, too. We put together the Summer of Funds Budgeting App-Lympics This was the two videos that resulted from that:


I’m updating this all into a blog post for 2022 during September - and I’d love to get your opinions on any budgeting apps that have changed or any new apps that you are using/trying out. If you already use an app regularly and are willing to fill in a form singing its praises or complaining about it, please let us know. If you tried an app and hated, please fill in the form, too! We particularly need people to report back on Monarch Money, Fudget, Honeydue, and Simplifi

If you fill in this google form about any budgeting app - positive or negative, I will use it to :slight_smile:

  1. A big blog post with fun graphics
  2. you get a forum badge as an official App Games Judge
  3. I’ll also send you stickers as a thank you for your help (anywhere in the world)

We will award the apps a Gold :1st_place_medal: Silver :2nd_place_medal: or Bronze :3rd_place_medal:medal.


  • Did I miss an app you want to try/love? Let me know!

The App-thletes :iphone::running_shirt_with_sash:

App/Website Type of App Compatible OSes Other Notes
Mvelopes Budgeting Web, iOS, Android Free 30-day Trial, Costs after that
Splitwise Splitting expenses Web, iOS, Android Free Budgeting Web, iOS, Android Free
Tiller Budgeting and Investing Dashboard Web 30 Day Free Trial, Costs after that, free for students - Must have google account; Runs in Google Sheets
Personal Capital Budgeting and Investing Dashboard Web, iOS, Android Free; must connect some bank accounts
Honeydue Budgeting app for couples iOS, Android Only testing the free app (not the account) Must have 1 other person to test with
Pear Budget Budgeting Web 30 day free trial, costs after that
Toshl Budgeting Web, iOS, Android 30 day free trial, costs after that
PocketGuard Budgeting iOS, Android Free version - Good for Overspenders
:sparkles: NEW Simplifi Budgeting web, iOS, Android 30 day free trial, costs after that
YNAB Budgeting web, iOS, Android 34 day free trial, free for students, costs after that
:sparkles: NEW Fudget Simple Overview Budgeting iOS, Android $2.99, does not link to bank account
:sparkles: NEW Monarch Money Budgeting and Goals Web, iOS, Android Free plan with Premium Upgrade, Free trial, allows you to budget with a partner
:sparkles: NEW GNUCash Personal Double Entry Bookkeeping Desktop - Linux, Windoze, Mac Free and Open Source

If there are any you want me to test, that don’t link to a bank account, I don’t use a budgeting app and am willing to try one out for science.

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We need to set up and try Honeydue, since Zeta folded (also another similar app the spouse found called Firstly). I’ll share my thoughts!

I should also try personal capital maybe. Stretch goals.


I’m considering Monarch….

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Does Gnucash fit into this somehow?

Ohhh yes I can add it! I forgot to add it!

I use Splitwise and love it.

Here is a last minute addition I’d like someone to try. It does link to bank accounts but it is targeted at reducing money anxiety

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Has anyone here set up Monarch for a family/household?

Human and I are looking for a way to share account balances but not transaction details on some accounts (we liked that on Zeta), but not finding it. May not exist, I dunno :frowning:


I just checked out Honeydue, and they have the same feature. Might want to try that!

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That’s what we did, actually! Honeydue seems more bare bones but since it’s free we might stick with both… Honeydue for account balances, Monarch for joint budgeting (loving it so far, it’s like a better Mint!) and investment tracking. :blush:


Ohhh when you have some time, I would be delighted if you fill out the form ^^ above about both of those, we need more trials for them!


This might just be the motivation I need to finally try out Buckets. I liked Actual but they folded, although I think you can still run their code locally if you’re sufficiently motivated.

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Filled out some surveys today! Bumping in case someone else means to!

Please submit what you can! The budget post is going up this week, and budgetober starts next week. Even if it’s super light info, it is SO HELPFUL for other folks.

SUBMIT YOUR Reviews today! Go as short and sweet as you like, feel free to update on the same app you reviewed last year.

Fill in this form and I WILL GIVE YOU A BADGE and SEND YOU A STICKER!