Random Questions

Is it okay to check temperature and sense of smell more than twice a day?


Like on yourself? I don’t see why not. For my stable patients I do temp every 4 hours, in the ICU we have constant temp read outs, recovering people from surgery we do every 15 min for the first hour :woman_shrugging: If it harms your mental health probably don’t, but there’s not like… rules against it. If that makes sense.

But for a healthy person with a normal clinical picture, every four hours is plenty unless you feel a change in symptoms that would prompt more (ex suddenly feel super sweaty)


What’s underneath that?

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Looks like the top/attachment piece of an OXO grater. The grater plane would slide in to that & it’s the handle. If you don’t have a matching grater, it’s junk.



I came thisclose to throwing this out, but I put it aside until I was finished with all the kitchen reorg. I mentioned your comment to HTbF, and he remembered that the two separate graters we’ve been using are actually part of one mega-grater. This was a very big duh moment. Thank you to everyone who helped solve this episode of Kitchen Mystery!


Like a wooden dowel? That makes sense. I was concerned that if I tried to fill in the whole thing with wood filler, it would just fall down into the hole.

I am not super concerned about looks. It won’t be the first patched spot in this floor. My house is almost two hundred years old, and I’m fairly certain this floor is original; these things happen.

It’s close enough that if I could fit my hand through the hole, I could grab it. I was thinking of trying needle-nose pliers if we have them, but it will be hard to make the toothbrush vertical enough to get through the hole. I bet I could get the magnet up that way, though.

Ooh, these are good ideas. OR… what if I made it look like blood?!

Yes, I do. Thanks for noticing :grin:

Um, the ceiling of the first floor? I don’t know what things are called. Edit: Do you mean what is the material under the hardwood? Not a clue. It looks smooth-ish.


This is legitimately one of the more satisfying resolutions to a mystery of this year. I’m not sure what that says about me and this year, but YAY!!!


I want to make steamed dumplings.

I have no ground meat or pork. I do have:

  • Chick peas
  • Cooked chicken
  • Frozen veggies
  • Plenty of spices



ooo. chicken n peas?


I like that idea!! I could put the chicken in the food processor and mash it up?? Maybe??
East meets West. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Chicken pot pie steamed dumplings.


Ugh feed me.

Yeah, or chop it up fine! I’ve never tried putting chicken in a food processor, you may know better than I about this. :smiley:


I never have either. It kinda horrifies me but hey at least it’s cooked already :rofl:


I’ve definitely shredded cooked chicken with a hand mixer. It’s fun.


In terms of ergonomics, is it worse to look down at the screen constantly or have the keyboard too high?

Can you switch? Switching is better


I’m assuming laptop use. For me personally I can’t do hands at a bad position for really any length of time, but I could put up with looking down at a screen until I got something like an extra keyboard which allowed me to have the laptop screen up high but keyboard at proper height.

Yeah, it’s a laptop and really nothing about my current set-up is anywhere near optimal. I’m at a dining room table so my wrists are too high, but the screen is still pretty low.


Switch between the two?

If you can get an external keyboard, that will give you a lot of flexibility. Any luck with that option?


Should I get a tortilla press? I’ve mostly just been using a flat bottomed bowl or pie plate to press out corn tortillas. Is a tortilla press significantly awesomer? Will it rock my world? Or will I be pissed that I spent money and kitchen space on one?