Mulling a small business idea -- would you use it?

First thing that came to mind was translating tech manuals, if you’re a techie.

If not, the kind of household worker we’d like here in a household of 2 oldsters, one still working, is a resource to help with the jobs one of us cant do alone… previously brush removal was a biggie. We’re still working on that, but it’s not as bad as it was, since we bought a van…

What Ive always wanted was "insurance, " a company I hired to get all the routine maintnance done or scheduled: chimney sweeping, septic emptying, minisplit annual servicing, checking for rot, bug spraying as needed, brush removal, etc.

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Sorry I’m late to this discussion, it was “Christmas” this weekend!

I have no moneys for outsourcing things at present. If I did, it is planning type things. Like, calling cat sitters to find one with an opening. I don’t use daycare but a working mom might could use help making a spreadsheet of costs and wait lists. That kind of thing. Scanning medical bills for my HSA records. Filing. Signing up the children for sports.


There’s a company in Portland that does this! I haven’t used it but have heard of it-

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Yes i think having some to reduce the amount of emotional labor would be magnificent.

I’m so fried i can’t even think about how that would work.

A service to find the right daycare, the right summer camp

To organize the massive amounts of paperwork and make sure everyone’s medical appts are on time


OMG SUMMER CAMP. This is outside my scope of experience and I think we can agree that it is the #1 best thing about the XFP is that he doesn’t work a year-round 9-to-5 so we don’t have to do camp, and this is worth every penny of child support that I don’t get (I get some, just, you know, not much).

But I have heard tell of the spreadsheets and calendars and complicated plans. This could be a whole own business in its own right.


I literally have to start signing him up for summer camp next month


That’s nuts, last year they didn’t even have the sign ups open till … March I think, in my area. Not sure about winter break camps, spring break camps were in January/February (definitely not in December, I looked).

But yes I was definitely in the spreadsheet having crowd - cost, actual hours of care, which side of town is it on, are they doing theme weeks where one week might be cooler than another.


The robot overlords are eavesdropping. I’m starting to get ads for a service like this (

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