Money Saving Mindset- Group Journal

Have an awesome time camping! :slight_smile: I hope you tell us about how it goes.

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I will! If I never post again I was eaten by a bear.


Have fun!! Make sure to yell “hey bear” at random intervals :rofl:


Yell it right in my husband’s ear as he’s falling asleep? Got it.


Oh you horrible person :joy::rofl::joy:


Yay camping!! I’m excited to hear about how it goes, have the best time!


Camping was THE SHIT and I am incredible at it and also I brought enough food for like 6 people, lol. We had so much fun and both agreed we wished we were going for longer so we’re trying for 3 nights next time! I never thought I’d be able to do something like this but it was actually the best and easiest traveling I’ve done in years because you have so much control and it’s so easy to see stuff little by little. We camped in a state park nearby and we definitely want to go back to see more.


Breakfast - bacon and scrambled eggs and fruit!

Lunch- ham and cheese sammiches w/ chips

Dinner- sausages, potato salad, peppers and mushrooms

Some scenery and a pic of the top of our tent!!! Isn’t this an amazing view? It was great to wake up to this/see it in the middle of the day when we decided to randomly lie down, haha.


Dh brough a picture of our cat to hang in the tent :sob:

Oh also, we saw a bunch of bald eagles! And dh made friends with a praying mantis. AND WE SAW A ROCKET LAUNCH! We even saw the butt thing detach midair. It was super cool. Turns out camping is just like, hanging out but outside? Just fucking around stoned in the woods? 10/10 recommend.


I’m glad you had a great time! That cat pic is just the sweetest thing :heart:


The cat pic really got me, that is so sweet. Camp food is just the best…something about cooking/eating something outside just makes it taste 10x better IMO! I love your pile of pepperoncinis haha, that is my kind of meal.

Is there a tiny ant on your plate??


Stooooooooppppppp the photo of the caaaaaaaaat!!!

Fall camping is just THE best. So happy you had a good time!! Food looks delish, that should go unsaid but I love to say it anyway!!!


Aaah I’m SO glad you had such a good time!


That. Is. Amazing. I officially love your husband.

So glad you had such a fantastic time! Your food puts my camping food to shame. I do more backpacking than car camping, so when I do car camp, I mostly default to backpacking mode, which is…not great. Haha.


My main takeaway from this is that your camping food is fancier than my everyday food with plenty of kitchen appliances :joy: I should uh probably fix that lol side-eyes self

Love the cat photo (he even kept it in the frame!!) Your DH is too pure for this world :sob: :sob: :sob:


Your camp cooking photos look delicious! Plus those paper plates took me a while to realise the ants were part of the design! :rofl: and the cat picture is too cute. What a lovely weekend!


Doing a little scoping of my spending this week.


Monday: Rosh Hashanah dinner. I am out of Unisom, but kind of want to see what happens if I stop taking it. No spend.
Tuesday: Return shoes to DSW. ++$
Wednesday: Last in-office day. Will treat myself to breakfast burrito, iced tea, maybe a chia pudding type situation. Should be able to pack lunch. Buying ice scraper and collapsible shovel for the car with employee discount. ~$50
Thursday: DMV appointment to update name on license! Lyfts will likely be $30ish there and back. DH has kickball. Return library books.
Friday: Rent is due. $1,000
Saturday: DH at a MTG tournament. Not sure what I will do to occupy my time yet! Gonna give myself some play money. $25
Sunday: Chores and groceries. $120 budgeted. Farmers markets only go through October here. I think I wanna get some apples (for apple sauce) & cider next week! Additional $25, but I’ll try to take that from grocery budget instead.

Total expected spend: about $250 (not counting rent). Doable!


Thanks everyone!!! :slight_smile: I’m beaming with your approval. And @mountainmustache29 the ants and bees are a design on the plates! Aren’t they super cute? They’re reusable but look like paper plates, I think I purchased them on amazon years ago when I was hosting a lot of barbecues at a different apartment (with yard access, haha).

If you could see my preening rn…you’d laugh. My chest is puffed out as far as it will go, and I am looking vaguely into the distance like a great explorer.


Glad you enjoyed your camping trip @AllHat! Camping can be mega fun.

I helped a friend layer a quilt today, and in return she gave me some polyester quilt batting I plan to use in some kitchen stool pads/covers for a Christmas present. I’ll have plenty leftover for other projects. It’s a huge bag of it!


Today was a great day! So was yesterday. I feel like I jump right back into the swing of things when we get back from being away and I love that dh is the same way. Camping was so fun and romantic but also it really drove home that we are super compatible in how we operate.

Everything here is clean and we have lots of food and nothing is out of place. I did like 5 loads of laundry yesterday and got groceries and started cooking right away. Today I decided to cook all day and make arancini! :slight_smile: Which means I had risotto for breakfast, lol. I forgot to take pictures of the fried rice I made and the finished noodle dish :woman_shrugging: tomorrow I’m having a really fun day (hopefully unless it is disastrous) of climbing, chipotle, therapy and then making some sweet and sour soup!


Risotto - traditionally arancini is a dish like fried rice where you use leftover (risotto) to make it. But dh loves arancini so much that I usually make risotto in the morning and arancini in the afternoon, lol. I also made homemade tomato sauce because the shortages have hit us!

I was so worried when I saw there would be tomato shortages but it turns out it’s only on tomato products so far, actual tomatoes have been very inexpensive! Lucky me knowing how to make sauces and pastes from scratch (and having the time to do it)!

This was my first time making them without traditional breadcrumbs and flour. I used a combination of almond flour, pork crumbs, arrowroot flour, and tapioca flour. They definitely cooked different so I did some interesting experiments. I think I’ll get better at honing over time.

I decided to fill them with pork and mushrooms and a bit of sauce and lots of spices. This time I used lion’s mane mushrooms! I’ve never cooked with those before but I bought some dried at the mushroom festival when we went! Other recommendations for use welcome. I found them tasty but very mild compared to what I usually use.


Cooked- the best method I have so far, but I will get better! They fell a bit and are less golden than usual, but I haven’t tasted them yet so not sure on taste results.

Here’s the leftover pork, which is a lot and I only used 1 pound. I froze it to use for future frittatas for dh. I recently figured out that he can’t tell the difference between certified breakfast sausage and literally any type of ground pork that I doctor up with spices, lol, so that’s a win for me!


I hadn’t heard of tomato product shortages! How worried should I be


Seconded! :open_mouth:

Tomatoes are like half my diet!!