Making Friends with Parents

I have found this with precisely one other person so far, my bestie from college, and sadly she usually lives around the globe from me :weary: BUT the community she provides via text is amazing.

It’s super frustrating though when you don’t line up. We’re trying to navigate this with our neighbors right now. Just today, there was some language around

[details=“TW disordered food language”]
donuts being “bad foods” and needing to “earn them” with biking, that sort of thing.
[/details] not to mention we have pretty different approaches to discipline. And as all the kids get older, this is becoming more apparent. And it’s hard to navigate the level of access and community there versus those differences. It’s wonderful having people with similarly aged kids that we can ask at a moments notice if they want to meet up at the playground and that sort of thing, we would be way more isolated without them, but it’s hard to balance the implications of isolation versus exposure to parenting ideas that we’re not big fans of.


Yeah it’s been hard for me to reckon with not having that in my IRL parent friends since I have such a godo group of friends in person who I’m in sync with.

Like I basically lost the religious community aspect because we are so much more progressive.

And I feel the family community has a lot to be desired even if they love us and are a great support in other ways.

So it’s tough.


Yeah, I got lucky with 2 friends trying for kids at the same time we did, but they live slightly too far for regular catch ups. Physically nearby people with same parenting styles are so damn valuable. I’m still searching.


I just want to acknowledge what a big part this is of making any kind of friend.

But also thanks for letting us know about the 1000 hours thing! I don’t know that we’ll make friends through it but it is helping us get out for a bit most days and has some helpful ideas.