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Hi @Rosie! I hear you are local to me! Welcome :))


Thanks @Oro! I’m always up for local meetups with like-minded people!


Hello everyone. I’m Jean and I hate picking user names, so yeah, PinkTutu it is! I’m married with two grown daughters who are financially independent. Hubby is retired. I’m a self employed artist, semi retired (okay…so there really is no such thing!), and in questionable health.

I love getting the most bang for my buck, so I can spend money in areas that matter to me. I love cooking, and the creative process…especially fibre arts. I quilt, sew, spin, rug hook, tat, embroider, etc. I’ve tried crochet, needle felting and weaving, but they did not work for me.

I am a huge planner fan. I currently use a combination system of Ryder Carroll, a Dollarama planner and a knock off of the Traveller’s Notebook system. I’m phasing out the Traveller’s Notebook because of cost and, tbh, it was overkill for my lifestyle. It worked great for keeping me organized during our cross country move two years ago though.

Hubby and I own our home and are debt free, except for credit cards, which are paid off monthly. We have downsized into a smaller home, but in a higher cost of living area. We are struggling with consistency in our budget.

I’m off to read more threads. “See” you around! :smile:


Definitely stop by the “how do you planner” thread, we could use your expertise!




ohh! Hello @PinkTutu! Thanks for joining the forums! It’s awesome you have a paid off home! I’m sure we can learn a lot from you.

If you want a little budgeting consistency help, Budgetober has started and comes with free planner stickers at the end if that’s tempting :joy: Budgetober is BACK! Challenge October 1 - 31 🎃👻🦇

If you’re a planner person, do you do any bullet journal/planner style financial planning? I ask because I’m doing a livestream about paper budgeting systems and I’m boldly recruiting pictures :joy:


Funnily enough, finances do not go in my bullet journal. I carry it with me when I leave the house and just don’t feel comfortable putting that information in there. The most you might see is a list of expenses from a particular shopping trip, for a specific project, or, in the case of my business, a monthly record of income and expense. But the latter is not complete. I keep receipts and an actual spreadsheet on my laptop in Excel.

I’m off to check out the planner section of the website! Thanks for the suggestion of Budgetober. I wondered if I was too late to get in on the fun there. Obviously not. :grin:


Hello! We have some crafty sewing and yarn threads as well :blush:


I’m Eva. Unemployed, struggling with life. No money to budget but plenty of bills fill the space. I do however have time which I want to budget a lot better.


Welcome, Eva!

Hi Eva! Welcome!

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Thank you. For whatever reason (maybe hormones). Admitting and having people acknowledge this is making me teary. I look forward to updating my progress… :slight_smile: shy


Aw. Life sounds rough right now. I hope things get easier soon.


Hi Eva!!! Happy Halloween


Hi everyone!

I’m Hirondelle. I’ve been lurking for a long time and reading along, but notice myself getting shy to contribute.

I used to be active on MMM but quit during early COVID days as the environment got toxic to me and I spent to much time reading in the WFH days. Got however curious how people were doing and checked in here to read along as that allowed me to see familiar names without the toxic stuff.

About me:
European, late 20s, about to lose my job as I’m finishing up a PhD which is a job with a Real Salary And Benefits here. Doubting about finding a New Job soon vs having a break (originally wanted a long travel break, but ya know, COVID and border closures…).


Hello! Congrats on finishing up your PHD Dr Hirondelle! Nice to see you around these parts.

What kind of travel were you hoping to do post grad school? Around Europe or abroad?


Hey I remember you! Welcome welcome. Congratulations on finishing the PhD!


Hello! :tada: Congratulations on your PhD!


Hi Hirondelle! Lovely to see you