How to Buy a Baby: a not-very-short guide to (legally) acquiring spawn when a free sex baby isn't happening


I would like a referral to this doctor.

My second opinion reproductive endocrinologist was kind of like this too, she was amazing. When we discovered that my fertility blows and I’d need to get started on trying to have kids if I wanted a chance at all, she said “Now you’ve not got much time left unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean you have to go have sex in the parking garage. You can wait until you get home to get started.” and at my final ultrasound before she sent me to my midwife with Bobbin she quietly added as she was leaving the room “[her very unique Greek name] makes a great baby name…” She also had an amazing burn on my husband during my AFC ultrasound that significantly lightened the mood dispite the bleak outlook of the scan. Her bedside manner was 11/10.