How much do you spend on your pets?

I usually rescue but got to know a Maltese show breeder that quit showing so gave us a retiree. Trixie was only 3 and died 5 weeks after we got her. I took her to the vet every day for 5 days and then finally to UC Davis vet school who was able to diagnose her. It’s a brain inflammation seen in Maltese that is rare and basically the immune system attacks itself and her brain herniated out of their skull. Because she died at a teaching hospital and I called the breeder she arranged for a autopsy and her brain lesions are now part of a study by Dr. Barber in Georgia. Since Trix was the second dog in the line to get this she quit breeding. Then a 3rd dog died of it. She felt bad and gave me 2 others. Vaccines are suspected but the cause unknown so the dogs no longer get vaccinated. I hope that they find the cause of some of these issues.

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I know I used this write-up from the FDA of reported DCM cases a while back:

I’m sure other stuff is more recent, but I’ve seen lists here and elsewhere of which specific food brands are showing up more often in reported DCM cases.