How much do you spend on clothing?


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velvet smoking jacket.

Haunt old man thrift stores? I hope it smells like cigars

Apparently I don’t understand the quote function, but I wanted to say that when I die i want to haunt a thrift store. That would be fun.

In 2018 I spent $676 CAD on clothing for the three of us. A lot of that was footwear for my newly man-sized child. Granted, I have no need for work-appropriate clothes and the kids think that sweatpants and a t-shirt is stylish, so our clothes situation is pretty much under control.

Our pet clothing/ costume budget, however…


Not much at all! So little, I don’t track clothing as an individual line item. This magic isn’t because I’m good. It’s because I wear a uniform, and my non-uniform clothing needs are vanishingly minimal. Though I do have a weakness for nerd hats.

Uniforms, now. Those fuckers run about $700/year. The purchasing, the delivery, the sewing on of the fiddly bits. It’s all so painful. But I suspect that data point won’t help you much.


I spend $200-$500 most years on clothing. I’m not super hard on most of my clothes, but I do wear out at least one pair of shoes each year, and shoes ain’t cheap. I also usually end up buying two or three new pairs of pants every year and a half or so, alas.


I’m thinking at least a couple hundred. No more than $400 I would think.

By the way, do any of you ladies know where I can find some nice dress pants with pockets that’ll fit someone 5’3’’ and 160 lbs? I am going spare looking for new dress pants for work. My go-to pants at JC Penney had nothing in my size that I liked this past weekend.


I do pretty well at NY and company. They have real pockets and petite sizes. It’s not the cheapest but they have a lot of sales throughout the year.


I’ll have to check that out then. I just bought a tape measure so I need to have someone help me take my measurements so I can buy pants online.


I don’t know how much I spend, but I think it is a lot more than most of you…
I need new running shoes about 3 times a year ($100 each) and tennis shoes at least twice ($100). Then I buy probably 2-3 other pairs of shoes (last year I bought two pairs of Rothy’s and one pair of waterproof ankle boots) for another $300.
I probably buy 5-7 tops a year and 3-4 pants at about $750. Then probably another $300-$500 for active wear (last year I bought a rain jacket for about $70). So probably at least $2000


I realized I didn’t count my activity-related wear – @kristen your comment about shoes reminded me. I do spend a few hundred a year on bike clothing (my team’s current kit is all I’ve needed in the past year but that was $200+).

Living in the Bay Area, do you tend to wear the same types of clothing year round? I have such a seasonal wardrobe here (summer vs winter) that I find my clothes overall last a lot longer.

My biggest reason for not spending a lot on clothing is trying to reduce my personal waste (I no longer buy just-ok clothes that aren’t exactly what I want) but that means I spend more $$ on the clothes I do buy. I would probably buy more clothing overall if I didn’t change into scrubs at work. I’ll spend a lot more this year than last, just adding and replacing items. I just purchased a $100 clearance insulated skirt after the third day in a row of getting home with numb butt cheeks, for example.


Living in the bay area, I do tend to wear the same clothes over and over. For example, I almost never wear shorts or tank tops (except to work out or play tennis), and I wear cardigans almost year round. One of the things that is very interesting is that where I used to work, which was only 5 miles from home, was routinely 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer afternoons than my house, because there was a break in the hills near work which would allow the fog and wind to blow into work, but the fog and wind are somewhat blocked by the hills near my home. This translates to the difference between wanting a cardigan to being comfortable in just a t-shirt. Of course, my kids wear shorts and t-shirts all year round…


Tell me about Rothy’s! I’ve been inundated with Facebook ads for them, so I’ve been wondering what all the hype is about.


I have 3 pairs, one pair of pointy flats, and two pairs of loafers. I love them because they are comfortable. The loafers are my absolute favorite because they feel like wearing bedroom slippers, but I have worn the points and walked more than 20,000 steps and they were still totally comfortable. I like that they are washable, and they have held up well – no evidence of wear. Recently it is has been raining a ton, so I haven’t worn them as much as usual, and I tend to wear ankle boots in winter, but it is fine to wear them in the rain. Before Rothy’s I was wearing leather Sam Edelman ballet shoes. The Sam Edelman were comfortable, but they both stretched out and wore out much faster than Rothy’s, and the Rothy’s are more comfortable. IMHO, they are worth the cost.


I don’t actually track clothing as a line item in the budget…it comes from my and my husband’s “allowance” money. I try to acquire as much free or pre-owned clothing as possible, except for shoes and underthings. (although THANK YOU anomalily for introducing me to Poshmark and the plethora of discounted lightly used shoes of preference available on it!)

Mostly posting to say I loved hearing the shout-outs to forum members on your podcast this morning :star_struck:


I’m 100% certain running clothes, shoes and especially Garmin watches don’t count as spending. More necessities of life.


I had this exact conversation with myself last year! :joy::rofl:

(and came to the same conclusion!)


Despite all the ads, I’d never looked at the price and I just fell out of my chair! I definitely don’t buy cheap shoes, but I don’t think I’ve spent that much on a pair unless it was good leather boots.


It’s an investment in your health and mental well being. Also they are SO COOL. I love my 935 so much. Anyways people spend thousands on watches that just tell the time. Fools.


I haven’t shopped there for a long time,but I used to have good luck with the petite “julie” cuts at Loft. That is the one that has more room in the hips/thighs and a defined waist. Or at least it used to be – I haven’t bought work clothes for 5-6 years now…


I’ll check that out. It sucks having bigger hips and an actual butt when you’re only 5’3"


You mean it’s the awesomest and you should just switch to skirts and athleisure

Also my stretchy uniqlo pants work really well and they hem them


Skirts and dresses ftw. “Work” pants do not work on these hips.