Fall Re-set

That is helpful and it sounds lovely. Very soothing. I’ve been turning off screens and journaling every evening, but I like the idea of adding some hydration to that and also some creative activity.

The pandemic just seems to have blurred boundaries and time itself (how is it November already?), so you were smart to put a routine in place to center yourself during it. I’m finally getting back to a healthier routine and it really helps.


Well, I didn’t make my deadline, but I did make progress!


All progress is good!!


Yes, I think so too. Otherwise, the 16 years I’ve been selling off the bookstore’s stock/my collection would have been impossible.

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Progress is progress and that is awesome.


Limiting screen time is definitely a good idea. The smartest thing I did years ago is to get an analog clock and not bring my cell or have a tv in my room. I also have to work to not check my phone first thing in the morning. I try to wait until I get to work until I check texts or emails.


Going off to help a friend with their bookstore’s first sale today.

Otherwise, ordering the 2 foods I wanted to order mail order last month and couldn’t.

Also doing research re what I want to grow next year. Have to also catalog my remaining few seeds to see what I have and therefore don’t need to buy.

Last CSA of the year will be next week. The timing will be perfect as the holiday sales will start soon after.

Did a price comparison between the bread at the little green market ($8+), the smaller farm ($5 for day old, $6 for fresh), and the bulk farm’s day old ($2.50). The choice is pretty obvious, except of course for the fact that the bulk farm is almost 2 hours away…

Most of the time I buy it from the smaller farm. But I need to be mindful, next year, when I’m making the trek to the bulk farm once a month, to stock up on their day-old breads. Or, we need to start baking again. Usually, DH would have started this already, but he’s busy building a wall and trying to beat the weather. We can buy bread, we can’t afford to pay someone else to finish this wall…


So I did it! Sorta. I (with the help of my dad and my partner) cleared out the furniture from my storage unit (except 1 piece we are still looking to get rid of.) Soon we will be able to downgrade into a smaller unit! still working on the other things.