Estate Planning

Totally doable! I would put more trust in a lawyer if I had a child involved. If you do the route, there are some discount codes floating around.

Either way, having that item checked off will be such a relief.

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It will, especially since this is our second child! I meant to get around to it before Kid 1 but I feel like organising care for 2 kids is a lot more for someone to take on for us. I don’t think we can use the online thing since we’re in Australia.

I just need to get through my to-do list this week with Ponder. Might send Duckling to his Nana’s for a few hours.

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I’d check, but a lawyer friend here said that if you use an online template and then rewrite it by hand and sign that one, it’s very likely to be treated as a legal will (but also said about ten paragraphs of it not being legal but also will work).

I’ve done literally nothing and I need to.


This past spring I did my will, pos, medical directive, and trust for the kids. Now that it’s don’t I feel very good about it.


I haven’t done this yet! I have organized some of the info I would want Sweaty to have access to if something happened, but I haven’t created a will. I actually decided to put some of that stuff off just in terms of prioritizing things and working on tackling debt, but I should definitely take some more steps toward having all my information in one place where it’s easy for Sweaty to navigate!