Elle: less adventure please

Both kids and I got vaccines today. We have literally just been driving to vaccines all day. There is a poo explosion on my dress so we are stopping at home before getting groceries.

Big kid is having big regressiony feelings about being a baby. So diapers for the time being. Hopefully he decides to be big eventually


Sigh. Parenting is filled with Mistakes.

Today I borrowed some dinosaur ebooks from the library and showed them to big kid on my ereader. Now, obviously, I will never read in peace again. Also after it was taken from him he fucking peed on my floor right by my feet and even after looking at it he refused to run to the potty (also husband, if at your preference we are pausing potty training and doing diapers, why have you twice left kid diaper free and let him have an accident? I’m not cleaning the fucking floor and the diapers)