Do the thing! Friday productivity thread, 4/19/19



I gotta say, cleaning the muffin pan is one of my least favorite things. But muffins are so much tidier to eat on the go to than a slice or bar of something.

Off to the yoga mat.


This site has two shifts. Seems like a day shift (Australians) and a night shift (Americans) (sorry everyone else). Obviously flipped depending on your person. Ya’ll been very busy on the night shift. It is Saturday morning here and I’m happy to report Friday was as lazy as the proverbial dog the quick brown fox jumped over. I don’t believe in your God or that Jesus bloke but you better believe I’ll take the public holiday.


PDM, I request regular reports on your perfect laziness. Preferably with photo evidence. Preferably with cute puppy faces.


Ok, I cleaned the thingy and prepped all the ingredients and now I’m waiting for it to be close enough to 5 where I’m not starting the food way too early.


Today I needed to grade a metric ton of things (=24 things). However, that’s not actually possible to do in one day. I graded three and am calling it a win.

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As requested. Humans all up and moving. Dogs not so much.

  • Go to the gym
  • Walk and call Mom
  • Grab some oil and currants at the grocery
  • Search forever for the current client request
  • Make lunch
  • Make cake for Wizard’s birthday tomorrow
  • Wrap Wizard’s present
  • Wrap Wizard’s mom’s present (her birthday was Wednesday)
  • Clean up the dining room
  • Get my 13k steps in
  • Dinner with Wizard and his folks
  • Feed Loaf Erickson

Searching will continue until 5p, when Wizard’s folks arrive. I will clean the dining room + feed Loaf Erickson later tonight once they’re gone (with maybe a little bit of cleaning happening before then).



Once again, the sadness of America is uh, yea, no public holidays for easter. We don’t like those holiday things and avoid them as best we can.

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It’s one of the tropes of this forum.

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I like that we already have tropes.

I have totally noticed the “night shift” and “day shift” by the way - largely because I was on Japan time for a month which is almost Melbourne time, and because then once I got back to the states, I had a screwed up enough sleep schedule that I was doing both shifts… working “forum doubles” so to say.


Oh and your healthcare system sux.


Okay! Dusting didn’t happen, but all the laundry did, I went to the grocery store, and cleaned both bathrooms. Floors all did get done. Cooking is happening. I consider this a success.


Does nobody go to work? I didn’t see go to work on many lists.

I did some shit, but I’m too lazy to list it. Also, I went to work. Twice, because I’m a good American.


I totally missed this yesterday, but I am happy to report that I am now fully up to date with 98% of my day job marketing copy.


I work from home. Work is always lurking.