Are You a Human? You Should Watch K-Dramas With Me

BUT HEY IF YOU EVER WANNA PRACTICE ARABIC. Also, unrelated to k drama, but I recently posted about a new series called Paranormal that is all in Arabic and based on the works of one of the best sci fi writers in the Arab world. Might be cool for language exposure!

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I am not really at a speaking level right now unless you just want to like…have me say HOUSE, CAT, CHILD, WIFE, NEIGHBOR, DAKAR, JORDAN, and GOD WILLING at you. That is my full vocab.

My local friend from Jordan offered ALL the conversation practice I want if I come babysit her 1 year old :joy: I did talk to the 1 year old on zoom and we have about the same level

I desperately need a physical book that shows me how to write. I can sound out and recognize all the letters but I can’t write shit, everything I write looks like a 2 years old. If the letters are spoken, I can figure out the word from looking at the written language, but it takes me like 30 seconds to decode one word.

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I hear Jordanians have some of the best Arabic! Mine most closely resembles the Gulf with some borrowing from Egypt.

My writing in Arabic is fine, but my reading is atrocious. I read SO SLOWLY.

More arabic derail

Yea, I’m tryinnnng to learn Modern Egyptian, but I’m not at a level where the region will matter much :joy: I did learn to recognize the alphabet sounds with speakers from all 3 common dialects but like… I couldn’t pronounce all three.

I think Arabic may be one of those languages where it is best (at least initally) studied in a classroom in person especially if you’re not familiar with the script. It is VERY hard to self study for English native speakers I think.

ETA: I am not aiming for fluency, but I am aiming for easier travel in Arabic-speaking countries. Easier to haggle, easier to read street signs, get taxis, and check into hotels, etc.

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continuing down arabic tangent

Modern Egyptian is really pretty, like when “yes” is “na’am” in fusha and “yes” is “aywah” in Egyptian. But I really don’t like that they make all their J’s into G’s. A preference thing, but no other Arab country does it, so I am ornery!

My main goal would be to understand scripture and historical docs so it would have to be in a classroom for sure. Traveling with Modern Standard should be super doable though so seems like a good choice!

My dream would be to go live in Japan for two years for language acquisition but that is just never gonna happen LOL.


I decided since we derailed so hard, we needed a thread:

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Just finished Rookie Historian, it was my partners first korean show. We both enjoyed it. Really cute characters and has a fun story that is easy to follow. Very happy with the ending.

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Have you watched Mr. Sunshine yet?


I haven’t yet! Do you recommend it? I think I saw the previews but didn’t know what to make of it.

Best K-Drama I have watched so far.
Historical dramas are my favorite
The show is in English, Korean and Japanese.

It follows multiple characters and they are all fully developed and have great character arcs. It’s also one of those stories where there is a gray area between who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

The first episode is difficult to follow because it is a lot of flashbacks, involves a lot of characters and jumps around in time. It’s definitely not a light drama. In Rookie Historian you never worry to much that there will be character deaths. This show is not like that but so so good.

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I KNOW! They are just living their best life.

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I’m finishing up Tunnel and The Good Detective, but afterwards I’ll give it a shot!!

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Are these shows on Netflix? I feel like k-drama is something I’ve heard enough about to know I might like it. At least, the romances and slice of life style ones, none of the other categories are of interest.


Yes, these are on Netflix!

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omg lust over this adorable coat with me



another shot of this gorgeous attire i will never own



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i just wanna live in a world where i have a luxurious overcoat closet and that is 100% ok


I like how structured the shoulders are. I think I see shoulder pads. :))

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Hard same. I’m kind of obsessed with clothes. Nice overcoats are beautiful

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