23 in 2023 Challenge: Save $20,230 of your income in 2023

There is a non-zero possibility that I may end up there with you. 8 days left in the month. Can I spend nothing and make more than we expect to in the next 8 days? Doubtful.


Fly in the ointment on the savings front: I have been sent another hecking scary and detailed form to fill in, in order to continue to get the disability payments I have been stuffing into savings (and using for other things, like decent ingredients for cooking, or my beloved heated blanket). So that’s a bummer.

Time to again try and frame for complete strangers how good days vs bad days go, and how many of either I have. Unfortunately, I still do not feel up to working. At all. But my disability is largely invisible, unless someone happens to see me having a meltdown. The PTSD has been kicking my backside this end of the week after therapy for example, and I’m quite proud I’ve been managing to cook despite that. Unfortunately, the evidence that I can cook sometimes now, could be taken as evidence I can work… which is simply not the case. There’s still too much I’m struggling with.

It would have been nice to have been left alone to get better for a while longer, and thereby also to save more for contingencies (this is mainly why I’m eating mostly free food, so I can save), but you know, governments and such. I am proud of my progress, yes. But there’s a ways to go before I am ready to work. Basically, I really don’t want my hard-earned progress to be taken as evidence against me. Being disabled is so contrarian like this. Of course I want to get better, but I’m not there yet! And it takes time. sigh. Oh well. Hopefully I can fill this in okay…


End of January:

Mortgage Principal: 1026.97
OMERS Employee portion: 774.39
J2 RESP: $2500 (maxed out for the year)
Star TFSA: $2000

Total for January: 6301.36.

I finally filled out that paperwork for reimbursement of J1’s ASD expenses end of Dec, and received the cheque mid-Jan, making this a high month.


Oh my goodness I just worked out who you are. Hello! I’m off to catch up on another journal! :grin: